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ouji_to_hime's Journal

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王子と姫 ♥ 真央潤
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:: the maotsujun fansubs community ::

about us
Welcome to ouji_to_hime, a fansubbing group dedicated to subbing various videos and clips related to Arashi's Matsumoto Jun and Japanese actress Inoue Mao of the famed Hana Yori Dango live-action franchise. Upcoming projects will also include their individual projects as well.

All of our releases are locked so you need to submit an application to join this community. To apply, please go to this entry here. For any questions and other stuff, drop us a mail at oujitohimefansubs[at]gmail[dot]com ♥

the staff
Translators :: sukinow, xoalice88ox, g_a_m and renge64
Chinese translations: novemberbaby and sparkles_n15
Timers :: dnash_spain and chichan517
Typesetter :: amazooon and april_0410
Encoders / QC :: april_0410, corlee1289
Mirror providers :: josylovesjun
Special Thanks :: yamapiggychuu for the group's namesake ♥

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