Help with Re-uploading videos

Hello minna!

It's been a long time neh. The mods are busy with RL (especially for me) and we haven't posted any videos.

Some of the members mentioned that our links are broken and the videos uploaded in megaupload are all gone. Please if you have saved our videos, please help us re-uploading and provide us mirrors. I will re-upload some of the videos as well.

Thank you for supporting OtH!

Your mods
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Thank you for your interest in joining our community.

We are currently NOT accepting any membership applications and this has been effective since May 26, 2011. Please refer to the entry before this regarding the reasons.

Maintainers have been receiving personal messages regarding this and we have it made it clear in our previous entry that we will not opening up the community anytime soon. If this should change in the future, a post will be made with the appropriate information. 

That said, please do not send us any personal messages unless you want a rejection response. Trust us, we don't like writing those. Should you do decide to send us a message, we will be directing you to read this post.

Thank you.


Together as ONE

When we heard and watch the news about the disaster in Japan, our world stopped. Our attention was on the television screen watching as the waves destroy all the things in its path from a small tree to the tallest building. We prayed as the we watch the earth shook with all its might.

Our heart felt condolences to the families who lost their love ones in this disaster. We are still hopeful for the thousands of people missing that they can be found. We pray for the safety of people and for the recovery of Japan.

Please if you want to help, some fandom communities are having fund rasing activities. Please visit arashi_on for their fund raiser or help_japan.

For monetary contributions, please visit the following sites:
Red cross:
International Medical Corps:
Salvation Army:

thank you and please continue to pray for Japan

-Ouji_to_Hime Staff
Mao and Hug

[modpost] How to join after commenting...

We've been asked several times how to join our community since the "join the com."-button is not on the regular's because we're a special, just kidding!...

So for those who can't find it: click on "user info" and then go to the right side of this page...there is a button that says "join" on it and we get your application for our community...without this step we can't accept/reject your membership so be sure to do it.... :D

Because all the mods here are fulltime workers with a very busy RL, please be patient with us, okay? Arigatou gozaimasu!...

If you have more questions feel free to pm us...

We are also free to choose our members. Please refrain from asking us why, we don't need to explain our decisions. But of course you are free to try it again if you still want to join us and convince us with another answer. I also noticed that alot of new members only click the "join"-button but don't comment. We will reject those application without further inquiry.

Your ouji_to_hime staff...XDDD
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Read this before you join! :)

Before you write your answers to the application and click the Join button, please take a few minutes to read this.


1. Why does it take so long for my application to be approved?
The four maintainers of this community have full-time jobs and lives outside the fandom, thus it will take up two weeks for your application to be approved if real-life gets extremely busy. We apologize for the delay, but as long as you have written sufficient answers and remembered to click the Join link, you will have access to the fansubbed goodies eventually.

2. Can I click on the Join link more than once?
We like enthusiasm but seeing the same person click the link three times in a row eats up space in our mailboxes. Please refrain from doing this! And if we did reject you the first time, but if you rewrote your answers after that, you may go ahead and click the link again. Otherwise, just once will suffice. EDIT: I am getting extremely fed up with applicants not reading the rules. If you didn't post your answers to the application questions, you DO NOT click on the JOIN link. That automatically results in a rejection. If you need to know why you were rejected, you DO NOT click on the JOIN link because that ALSO results in a rejection. If we tell you to submit your JOIN request (after you rewrote your answers), you may go ahead and do so. Otherwise, you will be rejected and eventually banned if you fail to read the rules.

3. Why do we have to answer these questions?
If you love and support Mao/Jun, then spending a few minutes of your time to write why you like them is not so hard to do, right? We're not asking each member to write a five-page essay. If you don't want to answer these questions, simply click out of this community and move along.

4. Why do I keep getting rejected?
- Your answer was not sufficient enough. This is the most common one. (You can tell us you love Mao/Jun, but you also have tell us WHY.)
- Your plagiarized someone else's answers.
- You have used more than one account to join. (This will possibly lead to being banned from the community.)
- You did not fill out an application and just clicked on Join.
- You have bad reputation of uploading/redistributing files with other subbing teams.
- You have repeatedly spammed our inbox without revising your answer or failed to even provide one.

*This FAQ post will be edited in the future if necessary.*
** We reserve the right to reject any application if we find it to be suspicious and or insufficient.**

- Upload any of our files without permission.
- Redistribute links without permission.
- Use multiple accounts to join. (It has happened and we will know so don’t try it.)

*Please note that our mods are members of over 100+ comms on Livejournal as well as outside forums. We will find out if our files have been redistributed without our permission. We can also read in languages other than English so we do have access to non-English streaming sites. You have been warned.*


Community Application and Rules

***Note: If you are a member of this community, please ignore this post.

Hello everyone!~

Welcome to ouji_to_hime

So yeah, as the name implies, this fansubbing group will try quench your thirst for the sweetness and adorkableness of the most celebrated Japanese onscreen couple Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao.

This special haven will house all their related material including some official extras, promotional clips, interviews and trailers they did for the well-loved Hana Yori Dango franchise for the past three years. Future projects will also include lots of their individual projects especially Inoue Mao unsubbed material from her dramas and movies.

All of the releases will be locked and therefore, membership in the community is REQUIRED to access them. This is to ensure that the releases will not fall into bad hands and make their way to the online streaming world and/or pirated material. After all, we don't want people suing us for copyright infringement or anything of that sort.

Once accepted, you must abide to the following rules:

♥ NO reuploading of releases ANYWHERE (not limited to the online streaming sites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Veoh, Tudou, Mysoju etc).
♥ NO reposting or redistribution of links outside LJ.
♥ NO reselling
♥ NO hotlinking
♥ Comments, though not required, are highly appreciated.

Violation of any rule mentioned above might result in revocation of membership or ban from this community, if offense is deemed serious.

To apply for membership, please follow these steps:

1. Please read the aforementioned rules and state explicitly that you promise to abide them. Failure to do so might result to the rejection of your application.
2. Since this is a Maotsujun-centered fansub community, we want to see if you really have good intentions in joining this community. To do so, please provide us an answer to the following question:

♥ What do you love about Jun and Mao's potrayal of the well-loved manga characters Tsukasa and Tsukushi?
♥ What is your favorite Hanadan scene and why?

NOTE: Question might change without further notice.

3.Once you completed all the two steps, please click "Join community" or go HERE and wait for the approval.

IMPORTANT: We would only approve members who will leave their comments to promise to obey the rules and answer the question mentioned above. We reserve the right to reject any application if responses are deemed insufficient.

Sample Question: What do you love about Jun and Mao's potrayal of the well-loved manga characters Tsukasa and Tsukushi?

Example of a sufficient answer:

Jun as Domyouji is very convincing, probably because he is a tsundere in real life as well. Jun makes Domyouji look stupid and childish, but he can be
romantic when he wants to be. As for Mao, she is also very impressive as Makino and quite natural. They make their characters realistic, which adds to the chemistry between the
two. It's comfortable to watch them interact in the drama.

Examples of insufficient answers:
I love Jun and Mao in HYD. They are so cute together.

Jun and Mao have amazing chemistry.

Why is my answer deemed insufficient?
Don't get us wrong - it's great that you think they're cute together. We do, too. It's just that we'd like to know why you think they're cute/sweet/whatever your
opinion of them is. That's all. We're NOT looking for an essay but we want something more than just one line. :)

If you think we're strict, it's because we've had the experience of having one of our files uploaded to another community without permission. We don't want to go
through that again so we're taking this membership process seriously. And because of the online streaming sites, plenty of other subbing teams are also strict when it comes to
accepting members. Please understand that we're not doing this to make your life hard. We may have a guard but we don't bite. :)

Also, we get a lot of membership requests (and we all have full-time jobs outside of fandom) so don't feel anxious if we don't back to you right away. Give us a couple of days up to a week. We would
appreciate that very much.

All of the subbed videos posted herein are purely for entertainment and non-profit purposes only. Johnny and Associates, Seventh Avenue, Kamio Youko, Toho and TBS and other important entities hold the official intellectual property rights. No copyright infringement intended.


Well, then enjoy and spread the Maotsujun love and thank you for wanting to join this community! :D ♥